Hormones: The Symphony Orchestra [Align Your Health: Episode 3]

Dr. Ryan and Ashley Berlin discuss the symphony orchestra that are your hormones and your neuro-endocrine system. Many of us (men and women alike) feel hormonally complicated or erratic. The right notes need to being played at the right times and they all need to come together perfectly in order for our hormonal system to function well. If the cadence is off, function can be detrimental. join us as we address where this disfunction begins and how to correct it.

Gut Health: Your 2nd Brain [Align Your Health: Episode 2]

Dr. Ryan and Ashley Berlin discuss the gut. Commonly called "The Second Brain" it has as the same amount of nerve tissue by weight at your brain. It comprises roughly 80% of the immune system via our protective bacteria. 50% of your dopamine and 90% of your serotonin are produced in the gut causing it to be THE major influence on your mood, depression and anxiety. How do you get it healthy again? Dr. Ryan and Ashley discuss exactly what to do to have a healthy gut.

The Greatest Principle of Health We Know [Align Your Health: Episode 1]

So excited to have you all join us. We began this show because people, including you, matter. Health is something we are supposed to have and have it abundantly. We do what we believe and what we believe is that anyone who wants to be healthy can, however we have to understand the principles of where heath comes from.